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Design Thinking Training


Experience the mindset and tools to create user-centered solutions

Design Thinking has established as one of the leading innovation approaches for finding new innovative solutions by working in interdisciplinary teams and unleashing creative potential. However, Design Thinking is more than a method. It is a mindset and a particular way of working.

During our training your team gets the chance to experience first-hand what is behind the popular approach by applying Design Thinking and its related tools hands-on to a real-world challenge. Learning from real examples about how Design Thinking has been successfully applied in a corporate environment will enhance your learning experience and will provide you with the know-how when and how to use Design Thinking inside your organization.

Quick facts​

  • Format: On-site or online

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Group size: up to 16 participants

  • Previous knowledge: not required

  • Language: English, German or Spanish

The Design Thinking training is ideal, if you want to:

  • Experience the Design Thinking approach and mindset

  • Enable your organization to adopt a more customer-centric and explorative culture helping to identify possibilities for new products and services

  • Strengthen your team’s innovation methodology skills


Most relevant for product managers, innovation managers, sales, marketing, business executives, business developers, trainees, intra- & entrepreneurs, consultants, facilitators, change agents and everyone else who is interested in innovation


What can you expect from the training

  • Get familiar with the overall design thinking process and underlying principles

  • Get to know different design thinking tools, try them out and extend your methodology know-how

  • Learn from real examples of executed projects where Design Thinking approaches and methods has been applied successfully in a corporate environment

  • Benefit from our own yearlong experience in applying design thinking in technology-focused industries and B2B environments

  • Get expert tips and develop an awareness regarding limitations and pitfalls of of applying design thinking in a corporate environment

  • Experience how following a Design Thinking approach can create a positive working atmosphere and foster the creative confidence of your team

  • Get all tools and templates used during the training

  • Get our Design Thinking certificate

  • Develop as a professional and make your own learning experience

  • Become an innovation ambassador yourself

Day 1

Introduction: What is Design Thinking?

  • Design Thinking processes and steps

  • Get to know successful examples of applied Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking principles

Applying Design Thinking

1 - Empathize: Building empathy with user research

  • Exploring users and discovering user needs

  • Going into the field and and conducting user research

2 - Define: Finding and defining user challenges

  • Interpretation and synthesis of user research results

  • Identifying problems and challenges worth solving

3 - Ideate: Ideating beyond the obvious

  • Generating solution ideas with creativity techniques and tools

  • Developing solution concepts

Day 2

4 - Prototype: Making ideas tangible with prototyping

  • Building rapid prototypes, visualizing and communicating ideas

  • Designing experiments and conducting solution interviews with users

5 - Test: Testing ideas

  • Validating with users and getting fast feedback

  • Interpreting testing results and identifying next steps

Implementing Design Thinking in corporations

  • Next steps after going through a Design Thinking process

  • Success criteria and limitations for applying Design Thinking in corporations

After the training you will be able to

  • Develop a better understanding of your users and uncover hidden, unmet needs

  • Identify problems worth solving for a specific target group

  • Prepare and conduct user interviews

  • Develop human-centered solution ideas for complex challenges and problems

  • Make your ideas tangible by prototyping and visualizing your ideas

  • Develop your ideas by testing them

  • Ensure to only work on new product and service ideas that are really needed by matching customer’s needs

  • Choose and apply suitable design thinking tools in your job

  • Leverage the creative power of interdisciplinary teams


  • Format: On-site or online

  • Duration: ~ 2 days
    The training can be customized to your team's needs and adapted depending your preferred format. Example: online versions benefit from splitting the training into shorter sessions over several days to keep engagement continuously high

  • Group size: Teams with up to 16 participants

  • Previous knowledge: No previous knowledge required for participation

  • Language: English, German or Spanish

  • Location (for on-site trainings): Own location or at one of our partner locations

  • Catering: We are happy to organize healthy food and drinks


Contact us

Do you want to learn more about the training? Are you interested in realizing a training in your organization? Just contact us. We are looking forward to creating a tailored learning experience for you!

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