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Innovation Strategy


The business world has become more VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). New technolgies and competitors emerge at a fast pace. Buying behaviours of customers change due to information available online. Expectations regarding user experiences in B2B increase due to high standards experienced in B2C.
In this world full of change, corporations benefit from leveraging the knowledge and innovation power within their organizations as well as from external partners and customers.

What is your strategy?

We help you to successfully design and manage innovation activities within your organization and beyond. Make your organization future ready.


Intrapreneurship program

Get help to design, implement and drive internal innovation programs in order to identify, empower and guide internal entrepreneurs. From goal definition to process & milestone design, we provide the different tools, frameworks and needed support in order to set up and manage internal innovation programs.

Customer & partner co-creation

Strategically define, initiate and manage innovation opportunities with key customers and partners along the value chain. With our proven customer and partner co-creation framework, we have enabled organizations to increase innovation speed and develop solutions that none of them could have realized alone.


Business ecosystem design

Build up business ecosystems and create platform-based business models. Through our business ecosystem design framework, we help clients to design the ecosystem, establish their orchestrator role and monetize the value exchanges within the ecosystem.

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