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Business Design


When developing new products and services many corporations do not obtain the expected market results. Some of them invest large R&D budgets, only to discover later that the expected market traction is not occuring. They have built something nobody wants.

Hit the sweet spot of innovation

We help you to create (digital) products and services that customers love and pay for. With tailored approaches for B2B corporations based on Design Thinking, Lean Startup, business model design and agile tools we close the gap between a first idea and a profitable business. Increase the success probability for your innovations.

Support formats

We offer different types of support for our business design services – on-site & online.


Innovation workshop

1 - 3 days

Big progress in short time.
Focused engagement to help a team progress on a clearly defined business question.


Innovation consulting

Several weeks to months

Entrepreneurs join your team.
Intensive support to solve a complex innovation topic, build up a business or develop an innovation strategy.


Innovation coaching

Regular 1 - 2 hours sessions

Continuous guidance.
Ongoing coaching sessions with individuals or teams to help them progress in their innovation journey.


Design sprint

4 - 5 days

Enhanced google design sprint. Focused and intense team work to address a clearly defined critical business question by applying the google design sprint format.


Support areas

We help our clients to build new profitable business – from the first idea (or post-it) to first revenue –
by offering support along the business creation process.

1 | Scoping &
team building

Getting ready for the innovation project. Gathering existing ideas, use cases & insights within the organization. Setting up, building & aligning the team on purpose, goals & work mode.

2 | Customer exploration

Conducting customer research & discovery sessions to develop a better understanding of customers their needs & pain points.

3 | Business idea generation

Coming up with ideas for products & services beyond the obvious by fostering creativity & getting inspired by industry best practices.

4 | Testing &
idea validation

Systematically de-risking ideas by continuous customer validation of the most critical assumptions through business experiments & adaption of ideas based on validated learning.

5 | Business model & pricing design

Designing suitable business models & finding the optimal way to monetize business ideas. Validating the willingness to pay & defining the right pricing.

6 | MVP definition & implementation

Defining the first product version by selecting the right features & ensuring a great customer experience. Preparing the idea for agile implementation & piloting with first customers.

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