We help individuals & teams
to create delightful products & services
with tailored formats along the innovation journey.

The current situation is leading to tremendous changes in the way we live and work. Enabling people to find new answers to pressing challenges and to create innovative solutions becomes more important than ever. While we must distance ourselves spatially, we continue to work together.

Thus we offer all our trainings & workshops as digital versions in a virtual collaboration setup.

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Let's prove that responsible human-centered innovation is the way forward.
And most important: please stay healthy!

OUR Services

Customers will buy and love your products and services, if they match their relevant unmet needs.

Continuous involvement of customers along the innovation journey by applying Design Thinking and Lean Start-up principles allows to identify unmet customer needs and to design delightful solutions.

How might we enable you and your company to create products and services, which your customers will love and buy? Choose your format to master the innovation journey.


Innovation trainings & team workshops with follow-up coaching


Innovation-as-a-Service projects along the innovation journey


Analogue & digital materials for human-centred innovation

OUR Expertise

Customer discovery & validation

Identify unspoken customer challenges, validate value propositions and ideas in a creative, engaging and professional way with end-customers by building and testing prototypes.

Co-creation with customers & partners

Engage with end-customers along the whole innovation journey, co-creating business value and positioning yourself from service provider to trusted advisor.

Business model design

Design suitable business models for your services or products that will provide you a competitive edge. Quantify and monetize customer value in the right way.

Ecosystem design

Design and orchestrate business ecosystems to enable and monetize value streams between customers, your company and partners. 

New ways of work

Experience new ways to stay innovative and creative in the digital age and find the right way to work for your team.


Implementation support

Define and implement MVPs working closely with design and technical teams to ensure customer centricity and faster go-to-market of developed solutions.

Who we are

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Digital services
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Digital business &
Customer co-innovation

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