Innovation Work

Why Innovation Work?

Working on innovations is special: teams have to deal with uncertainty and failure, changes and iterations, speed and yet un-thought solutions.


Teams need to be able to cope with the imponderability of innovation work. Like in a jazz improvisation certain rules have to be agreed among team members for achieving the common goal.

"We need a new way of working!

We need an innovation culture!"

What is Innovation Work?

Innovation Work is an experience based approach for teams to define their own set of rules in order to establish an innovation culture and successfully drive innovation projects.

By going through a real innovation challenge teams will experience their individual and team behavior towards innovation processes. In a safe environment team members jointly reflect on the process and define their own set of rules, fitting their personalities and type of project they are working on.

Implementation of innovation work in "real life" will be ensured by a retrospective and team coaching session after four weeks.

How does the enablement help you?

Your team will get an innovation challenge and one day to solve it. Together with experienced coaches the team will reflect on the process and define their specific set of rules to effectively drive innovation projects. A subsequent team coaching will follow up, reflect on the implementation and derive potential adjustments. 

  • Experience individual and team behaviors in innovation projects

  • Define team-specific set of rules to drive innovation projects and measures to establish an innovation culture

  • Grow as one team

Enablement for teams

Facts - Team Workshop

  • Workshop applying new methods to your own challenge

  • Participants: your team (ideal set-up: five to twenty participants)

  • On-site at your location, flexible dates

​Facts - Follow-up coaching

  • Individual coaching for your team to accompany implementation

  • On-site coaching at your location

Please contact us for a tailor-made offer for your specific setting and the corresponding price quotation.

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