Analogue & digital materials making customer-centric innovation easy

Use customized materials to facilitate progress in your innovation journey. Make your workshops, customer meetings and team work engaging, interactive & creative.

Customer Discovery Map

Explore customer needs or potential ideas together with your customer in a creative, engaging and structured way.


You can also use the Customer Discovery Map to  validate hypothesis about user needs, value propositions and offerings before you even start implementation. 

Get in touch to learn more about the Customer Discovery Map and how to customize it to your specific needs.

Digital prototypes

Create prototypes for web and mobile applications - from low resolution paper prototypes to high resolution clickable mock-ups - in order to test the value proposition, user experience and feature set of your MVP for digital products and services.

Get in touch to explore potential possibilities and design options.

User Value Scenes

Visualize existing user journeys to better understand customer workflows and pain points of existing solutions along the whole customer journey.


Design future user journeys to communicate and validate product visions. Gather early customer feedback in a creative and engaging way and position your company as thought leader.

Get in touch to learn more about possible visualization options and find the most suitable style for you.

And much more to come...

We are working on several innovation materials to make innovation easy and fun for everyone.

Stay tuned for our new releases or let us know what you are thinking of!

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