The Innovation Journey
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Customer Discovery


Most start-ups fail because of lack of product-market fit. In other words, the solutions they have implemented do not solve a real problem of a customer. That is why it is crucial to start the innovation journey with the customer, to understand his current challenges and identify underserved needs.


We will conduct customer discovery sessions for your specific context in a creative, engaging and professional way in order to identify problems worth solving. Together with your team, we will prepare the discovery session including the design and creation of customized exploration material. We will structure and transfer all insights into your organization.


  • Prioritized customers' problems worth solving

  • Unknown insights about your customers and their needs, pain points &  challenges

  • Customer relationship building towards Trusted Advisor


Challenge-Driven Ideation


Sometimes we have a hunch for an idea, and we fall in love with it. However, behind every great idea there is a problem worth solving. The key is to fall in love with the problem and explore different solution alternatives for the problem. Challenge-driven ideation is a structured, creative process to generate ideas that are solving customers' problems worth solving.


Based on identified customer needs, we will facilitate a structured and creative process with your team in order to come up with innovative business ideas addressing the most pressing challenges of your customers. We will use triggers such as trends and best practices to boost the idea creation process.


  • Prioritized ideas addressing customer needs

  • Structured description of ideas ready to take to the next level

  • Clear outline of next steps according to lean start-up principles



Business Model Design


A business model enables a holistic and structured overview regarding key design areas to bring your ideas to life: desirability, viability and feasibility. Like a map, it enables you to understand where you stand with your idea, where the yet unknowns are and where to go next by identifying critical hypothesis to be tested.


We will facilitate the process with your team to design innovative business models. In a first step, an initial business model will be designed by getting inspiration from successful real-world business models. Most critical assumptions to your business model will be selected for validation and business model iteration. On top main value drivers will be identified, tested and quantified as basis for pricing topics.


  • Business model covering the main dimensions relevant to success

  • List of critical hypothesis to be tested and definition of next steps to further develop idea

  • List of potential value drivers to be quantified and tested during customer validation


IDEA Validation & Iteration


The outcome of an innovation journey is uncertain and risky. In order to increase the success chances of your idea, desirability, feasibility and viability of the idea should be continuously tested in fast build-test-learn cycles - especially at the early stage, before starting to significantly invest in the implementation of an idea.


We will help you to choose the right prototype to test and validate the different aspects of your idea. Together, we will create MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) and conduct innovation experiments to increase the success probability of your idea. After each experiment, we will transfer the validated learnings into a new iteration to increase attractiveness and maturity of the idea.


  • Selection of the right prototype format, design of the prototype including a validation guide

  • Facilitation of prototype tests with your customers

  • Consolidation and transfer of validated learnings to improve the initial idea and ensure learning of your organization


MVP DEfinition


Sometimes teams tend to rush into solution implementation and lose the customer out of sight. Customer-centric MVP (Minimum Viable Product) definition enables the efficient use of implementation resources by prioritizing solution features for implementation in the backlog by continuously validating with customers.


We will help you to validate and prioritize features for MVP and product backlog by structuring the solution features, choosing appropriate validation methodologies and conducting validation sessions with your customers. Insights will be reviewed with your development team and transferred into your product backlog.


  • Validated product features with customers

  • Prioritized product backlog for efficient idea development

  • Transfer of insights into your development team and product backlog 


Innovation Journey Guide


Innovating is like exploring new continents: it means manoeuvring in the unknown and sometimes getting lost. Bringing an experienced guide on board who knows the way, usually helps.


Our focus is early stage innovation, from generating the right idea to the definition of the Minimum Marketable Product (MMP). We act as sparring partner and guides when defining and conducting the next steps along the innovation journey. 


  • Guidance along innovation journey from idea to MMP: what, when and how to do it

  • Expert support when needed for dedicated activities such as prototype design, conduction of customer validations and facilitation of sessions

  • Transferred skills on proven innovation methodologies in B2B based on Design Thinking and Lean Start-up principles

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