Better Workshops

Why Better Workshops?

Collaborative formats replace more and more one-way interactions. This trend will increase in the future even more.


Workshops are not only a tool for internal but also external collaboration when working together with customers and partners. Mastering workshops is a core competence in modern working culture.

We spend > 16 years of our life-time in meetings & workshops on average.

Let's make them an engaging experience & a time well spent. 

What makes Better Workshops?

We call our approach "structured creativity".

Provide structure

Better workshops start with a simple thing: 
everyone in the room has a clear understanding about what to achieve and how to contribute.

Joint agreement on objectives and procedures enable participants to achieve results in short time and
avoid pointless discussions ending nowhere.

Although it sounds easy, think about how often you experience a clear and target-oriented approach in a meeting.

Enable creativity

Better workshops engage participants by making them think beyond the obvious.

Creative methods leave standard routines by  

  • activating brains and hands

  • working beyond verbalization

  • involving all personality types 

It is more than using colorful Post-its.
It is about why you use them and what you do with them.

How does the training help you?

The training enables you to set up and conduct engaging workshops with an innovative flavor

  • Become a workshop wizard and get to know tools to run memorable workshops  

  • Understand principles to creativity in order to enable thinking of the yet „unthought“

  • Set up your own, unique workshop design based on structured creativity

Training for individuals


  • 1 day | Start: 9:00 | End: 18:00

  • Participants: 8-15

  • Price: 750,- EUR (incl. lunch, snacks, training materials; excl. VAT)

  • Optional follow-up coaching can be booked after the training (to be charged separately) 

Upcoming trainings 

  • Munich – 13. May 2020 (German)

Get in touch with us, if you want to know more.

Enablement for teams

Facts - Team Workshop

  • Workshop applying new methods to your own challenge

  • Participants: your team (up to fifteen participants)

  • On-site at your location, flexible dates

​Facts - Follow-up coaching

  • Individual coaching for your team on your real-life projects

  • Online or on-site coaching at your location

Please contact us for a tailor-made offer for your specific setting and the corresponding price quotation.

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